Councilman Jason G. Kyle Indicted, Arrested on Indecency Charge

The Ellis County Observer was the first to break news of the arrest of Midlothian Councilman Jason G. Kyle (via my Twitter account and Facebook.)

The news was sent to me via text message from Cindy Kelly, who overheard the commotion over a police scanner. I then sent a text message to WFAA-TV Channel 8’s Craig Civale and Fox 4’s Brandon Todd. A few short minutes later, Todd responds with the confirmation from Midlothian City Hall that indeed, the Ellis County Sheriff’s Office had arrested Midlothian’s councilman (before, we figured it might be a coinicidental same-name) for indecency with a child by contact.

From what we know now, Kyle, a lawyer, (who defeated Constitutional conservative Ken Chambers in May) was indicted last week — even after the teenage girl (reportedly 13) recanted her story. Defense lawyers say this indictment-after-the-recantment spells trouble for Kyle, at least on a perception issue…because there must be more evidence at play here. The city council last night reportedly recognized Kyle for his service. It’s looking very, very apparent that I need to obtain the entire list of indictments for publication, because I cannot trust anyone or any paper to really publish anything…I’ll just have to do it all myself. Had I caught on to the indictments, I would have blared the whistle last week.

We will hold the benefit of the doubt though on anyone prominent or not-so-prominent. As is my policy, anyone who wants a forum for issuing statements and “their” side of the story has full access to this entire site for doing such.(very, very rarely is that ever acted upon)

So now we wait to see if this case goes to trial, and, if Jason Kyle resigns. Even if it’s untrue, having this cloud over a sitting councilman could not be a good thing to have while Midlothian just shelled out gobs of money in new promotional and marketing stuff.

Former Councilman Ken Chambers, who was defeated by Kyle on May 8, issued this statement today:

“If Mr. Kyle is not guilty, we need to pray for justice and to clear his good name. If he is guilty, then he must be prosecuted.”

Indictments of ham sandwiches are routine, as they say. Indictments of lawyers in Ellis County are becoming more common too. First there was James Leonard, the Waxahachie lawyer given 10 years probation for allegedly molesting two girls under the age of 14. He has since fled to El Salvador, which a extradition warrant is on file awaiting justice in that case. Then Todd Phillippi, as of today, was given some great news that a visiting judge rejected the state bar’s request to have his law license suspended after the grand jury issued several indictments on him.


Midlothian ISD’s New Stadium Turf: $162,400

When the local media – the Waxahachie Daily Light and the Midlothian Mirror – reported on a turf upgrade (or wait, did they report on that?) about Midlothian ISD’s stadium turf, I didn’t see mention of any price. I didn’t see mention of any price on the Midlothian ISD Web site.

So I filed an open records request for the turf costs, plus a few other repairs to the two middle school tracks that MISD considered, and some other items.

(remember, we’re in the middle of a depression with what underreported Bureau of Labor stats show as a 21% unemployment rate)

  • Stadium turf repair: $162,400
  • Costs to upgrade, repair, maintain city-school tennis courts: “up to” $40,000
  • Track repairs to Walnut Grove Middle School & Frank Seale Middle School: $75,000

Just thought I’d share this with the public since the local media didn’t bother to.

Wait…that’s right…I am the local media. The only local media that reports this sorta thing…

Animal Control Scandal Involves Sheriff Johnny Brown, Wife, Don Cole, Alan Romero

UPDATED July 16, 2010 @ 10:15 a.m.

Dispatch Logs Made Available Via Open Records Request:

“There is a call to dispatch from the Ellis County Sheriff’s Office saying the dogs are in county. There is another dispatch log where Midlothian Police Dept. called to verify the 850 address and it was confirmed to be county. Another log shows Alan [Romero] calling into address 850 S. Walnut Grove to dispatch.”

The track numbers from the audio that the city of Midlothian provided via an open records request are as follows:


(Note: The Ellis County Observer has not broadcast the call logs as of yet)

Remember the police officer’s dog that was euthanized by Midlothian Animal Control last year? Well, it was alleged that now-former city employee Kelli Jackson euthanized the dog. That has since been proven untrue, and at 5 p.m. today, I’ll have the proof in my hands that shows Midlothian Animal Control Officer Alan Romero was the one who had this police officer’s dog euthanized.

As a matter of fact, Kelli Jackson has been in contact with The Ellis County Observer for several weeks now, and it looks like Midlothian will once again be embroiled in a scandal.

Do these little puppies look “wild” to you? Do they look vicious? Do they look like dogs that need to be euthanized right away? Well, they were…

Jackson was fired because she kept asking questions and kept rocking the boat of her boss, Don Cole, at the Midlothian Police Department. Her Animal Control Officer sidekick, Romero, was not certified to even be an animal control officer when he euthanized dogs and cats…

These are the dogs that a non-existent “Dick Buckley” called to report that he wanted taken away. However, city documents (call logs, dispatch reports) show that 1002 S. Walnut Grove Rd. is where these dogs were picked up from. That address happens to be the daughter of Sheriff Johnny Brown, who is married to Donna Brown, the city of Midlothian’s code enforcement officer. 1002 S. Walnut Grove Rd. does not exists inside the city limits (or didn’t when the print-out of appraisal records was done.)

Where does Sheriff Johnny Brown and his wife, Donna, the Midlothian code enforcement officer, fit into all of this?

These are the documents (copies) that Kelli Jackson, fired from the city of Midlothian, could not get a lawyer to use for a lawsuit against the city for firing her. So, she went to the Court of Public Opinion instead. The photo to the lower right-corner is actually dog feces scattered on the Midlothian Animal Shelter’s “animal control facility.” They have since been covered up after a state health agency called to warn them about the violations of state law (see red text violations below.)

Glad you asked.

Johnny Brown’s daughter, Gina LaRue, lives on South Walnut Grove Road. There were eight dogs, puppies and the mom dog included, that needed to be disposed of. Gina didn’t want the dogs. But, the SPCA contract with Ellis County Sheriff’s Office (the one that Brown is the sheriff of) requires that dogs over and above a certain set amount, say, 1,500 per year, are charged horrendously higher fees to accept, maintain, and keep. It just so happens that Gina LaRue had a convenient next door neighbor named “Dick Buckley” (no such person exists, and the only address is on a cable box on Walnut Grove), who is claimed in city documents as having called Oct. 2009 at 10:55 a.m. that he did not want any of these eight dogs that just happened to show up one day.

These are CD-ROMs showing Kelli Jackson’s photos that she took during her employment with Midlothian last year and this year. These CD-ROMs also contain the dispatch logs, call logs, cellphone records of Donna Brown, Adam Romero, MPD’s Don Cole and others that conflict with notarized documents Brown and Romero signed to the contrary.

If the right “personnel changes” are not to my (The Ellis County Observer) satisfaction by the end of next week, I will host an show and start playing the call logs and cellphone conversations that are recorded…

Kelli Jackson keeps good records, too. Her open records requests that she sent to the City of Midlothian (full disclosure: I wrote some of them) and had gotten back in the form of documents included call logs, dispatch logs and cellphone records from city-issued cellphones that showed a) no such call at 10:55 a.m. and no such address as 850 S. Walnut Grove Road where the eight dogs were picked up by Adam Romero. The call logs did, however, show that 1002 S. Walnut Grove Road, where Johnny and Donna Brown’s daughter lives, was the address city animal control officer Romero picked up the dogs. That address is not in the city limits of Midlothian, according to MPD Chief Carl Smith. There’s an e-mail I obtained from Chief Smith stating as such.

Readers, sorry if you were in the middle of eating when you came to this photo, but this was the Midlothian Animal Control shelter/facility right on the sweet, fortified confines of the Public Works Building. It shows, obviously the date, of dog feces and other disgusting vermin on the floors. Some photos I have show actual dead dogs on the floor. One is hunched over a bowl of food. Only recently did the Midlothian Animal Control facility cover these feces-floors up — and that was after the state chimed in and complained.

Oh, Kelli Jackson says that Donna Brown, a week before this 1002 S. Walnut Grove dog pick-up incident occurred, asked her opinion on the county SPCA/ECSO policy that charges a horrendously high fee above and beyond the set limit of dogs (the SPCA collects $75,000 of Ellis County taxpayer money, too, by the way.)

Dead dogs lying on the floor of the Midlothian Animal Control facility last fall.

Strangely enough, the city of Midlothian and MPD adopted a policy last year after the cop’s dog was euthanized by Romero that required dogs to be euthanized no less than 72 hours. These eight dogs taht Romero picked up were killed in less than 24. Romero also apparently falsified a police report by stating that the Dick Buckley non-existent man at 850 S. Walnut Grove Road (that just so happens to be right next door to 1002) “surrendered” the eight “wild” dogs to Animal Control custody. There’s a Midlothian surrender policy too. Animal Control charges $20 a dog to pick up if they are given up to the city. No such fee was collected, and no record exists of it being collected.

Meanwhile, amid all of this interesting perception-is-reality-conflict-of-interest-withstanding, the state health department regional office says that Midlothian never got approval or sought approval for carrying on an animal control facility. To do so requires the approval of this state agency. Midlothian carried on this animal control facility without the approval, and were apparently, according to the state laws (Health Code) and Jackson, of breaking at least these laws:

  • No logbook or written report or indication that vials of potent euthanasia drugs were used, despite the fact the Drug Enforcement Agency (that’s federal) mandates written logbooks of how much drug-use is administered;
  • No rabies control program was in place;
  • Unsealed floors in the city’s animal shelter (see photos) were allowed with dead, dying and healthy pets all mixed in together (see photos);
  • No animal advisory committee/board/panel exists, and one is required and mandated by state law;
  • Romero was not certified, according to the state agency, for over a year, when state law requires he had to be certified four months into his employment;
  • Midlothian’s animal control facility operated as a quarantine facility, which is against state health laws;
  • With no animal shelter that was approved or legal, state laws require cities to hold their dogs, cats, etc. in veternarian facilities. No such operation was ever conducted.

I have the name of the state-agency health department regional guy and his direct line if anyone doubts anything I or Kelli Jackson have reported…

Side Note: Jackson said that Romero’s estimated purchase of 10 vials of potent, DEA-regulated drugs was a case a month; street valued at maybe $1,000 a vial. There’s a “numbers” discrepancy (my phrase) between how many dogs were picked up (not many) per month with how many vials were purchased…meaning…so many drugs, so little animals, giving a surplus of drugs…there are reports that Red Oak’s animal control officer and/or facility could be or was in possession of surplus vials of drugs. That theory is being investigated and hunted down as we speak (meaning open records requests are going to be filed on Red Oak soon to see if in fact Romero’s friend over at the city of Red Oak has been purchasing the excess Midlothian shipment.)

Oh, I also have every document that Kelli Jackson made copies of for the city of Midlothain when they fired her —— convientiently, a few weeks after the May 8, 2010 city council election. Had this bomb dropped before the election, who knows, Ken Chambers might have been re-elected. (we’ll let bygones be bygones)

Kelli Jackson and her husband, Larry, with their documents and CD-ROMs of evidence containing call logs, dispatch logs, notarized statements from city officials and copies of state laws.

Midlothian Mirror & Editor Floyd Ingram Cover-Up

Since I know Don Cole loves me and this blog (sarcastic remark there), he can also explain how it was that a dog belonging to former Midlothian Mirror (official paper of the city) editor Floyd Ingram bit and caused bleeding to a woman but yet was not euthanized…it was, in fact, covered up. The incident occurred on North 9th Street, where Ingram used to live (he is now in West Texas managing some papers for towns he also covers up for.)

Such a dog incident would have been subject to immediate euthanization due to the biting of a citizen.

Special Note:

The documents, records and documents depicted here, or in the possession of myself and Kelli Jackson, are copies of documents and were obtained via open records requests and through official city activities. One must merely do an open records request to obtain everything you have seen here (or later, will hear live.)

Permission granted for distribution, publication, etc. for commercial and non-commercial purposes.


Joey G. Dauben/The Ellis County Observer

Kelli Jackson/former City of Midlothian, Texas animal control

Celeste June Blalock (Sept. 8, 1982 – June 9, 2010)

I’ll definitely miss this classmate of mine from Midlothian. Celeste June Blalock, I learned recently, passed away. She was one of the first people I met when I moved to the Midlothian ISD from Red Oak (way, way, way back…)

It’s definitely not the news any parent, relative, friend, classmate or other person would ever want to hear. My thoughts and prayers are with the family at this trying time. I’d ask for my readers to please refrain from speculating, insinuating and circulating anything that is perhaps inappropriate. I’ll have my webmaster monitor the comments very closely to ensure that the family is not taken advantage of during this difficult time.
And if anyone needs my assistance with anything at all, now or in the future, or from the past, please don’t hesitate to contact me:

Joey G. Dauben
The Ellis County Observer
The Palmer Post
P.O. Box 221
Palmer, TX 75152
Cell: 972-891-2135

Note: Some have asked me via e-mail about contacts to the local newspapers. Here is a list of the local reporters/papers for those who have asked:

The Ellis County Press

Red Oak Record

Waxahachie Daily & the Midlothian Mirror

The Palmer Post

The Suburban – Duncanville/Midlothian

Midlothian Middle Schooler Carries Loaded Handgun, Ammo on Campus & Media Remain Quiet

I originally broke this story — on my way to Washington, D.C. for the Conservative Political Action Conference. 

The biggest question of all of this is: why hasn’t the TV media or even the Waxahachie Daily Light/Midlothian Mirror reported this? Why the cover-up?

Here’s the letter that was sent from FSMS principal Dee Arterburn, who probably has experienced her biggest test of leadership in her career (she’s my former economics teacher at Midlothian High School. She’s open for scrutiny just like the rest of the public sector, but she really ought to be the one running MISD.)

Please note that Mrs. Arterburn, FSMS principal, sent a parent letter (see below) home today with all students regarding the incident. Understand, this situation was handled accordingly and parents have been notified within a timely manner.
February 17, 2010
Dear FSMS Parents:
The purpose of this letter is to inform you about an incident that occurred at Frank Seale Middle School yesterday afternoon.
Thanks to a responsible student and the quick action of our campus school resource officer and staff, we confiscated a handgun from a student. The Midlothian Police Department was immediately contacted and the student was taken into custody.
Because the federal law requires the protection of student privacy, I am not at liberty to share further details. I appreciate your understanding of the confidential nature of these types of situations regarding children who are minors.
Please rest assured that the safety of your child on our campus is our number one priority. Talk to your child about the importance of informing an adult about any action they may witness that threatens campus security. Working together, our staff and students can keep our school safe.
Finally, please feel free to call me at 972-775-6145 or email if you have any questions or concerns you want to share.
Dee Arterburn

Midlothian Hires Mexia Head Coach to Lead Class 5A Panthers? What the Crap is that School Board Smoking?

I could have sworn this was  an April Fool’s Joke:

…It looks like the new Midlothian Head Football coach may have been found! Now, hold your applause…none other than Lee Wigington from Mexia High School. A 3A coach for a 5A school…

This is nothing against the guy personally, or even the MISD school board personally, but I’m starting to think this is intentional. Secretly, MISD wants two high schools. Many don’t. So why not hire another Class 3A coach (to replace Robby Clark, who resigned after a few controversial incidents and oh, a losing record) to make the jump from Class 5A to an expected 3A when and once (or if) the new high school is built?

Mexia = pronounced Me-hay-uh = isn’t what you consider “powerhouse,” but listen. MISD taxpayers have a $14 million-and-growing football stadium (growing because it’ll cost $35 million when the note is paid off…) Why in the hell do we need another Class 3A coach to lead a 5A high school against the likes of Mansfield, Mansfield Legacy, Timberview, South Grand Prairie, Grand Prairie, Cedar Hill and Duncanville?


Someone tell me why. Duke Burge, this is all your doing. I blame you. And Jim Mentzel. I expected more out of Mentzel actually. Not even a Class 4A coach? Geez.

I have a right to my opinion because MHS is my alma mater. Hell, why don’t we just schedule non-district opponents Ferris, Hillsboro and Mabank if Class 3A is where we really want to be.


My conspiratorial mindset is going to say that with MISD’s above-secret push for a second, third, fourth high school, dropping to Class 3A after (and should) the high school is built is perfect for the new Mexia-ex coach to slide right in…

I’m not buying this guy’s program……………………yet.


A majority of those MISD school board trustees (I should know, I’ve run agaisnt a third of them) aren’t even from Midlothian. They’re DeSoto grads (for the most part.) Why can’t we get a football coach from one of the bigger schools? I know, I know, salary and all…hell, for a $14 million stadium, MISD can afford a damn head coach at the 5A caliber level.


Coach Wiginton, welcome to Midlothian. Like Mexia, we’re hard to pronounce: Mid-lothe-ee-un. As someone who won the school spirit award (ironically, with Sheriff Johnny Brown’s step daughter) my senior year for my pride of the MHS Panthers football team (and other athletics), you’ve got a lot of work to do  to convince the 111-square-mile MISD that you can compete against Class 5A’s Joe Pool Lake schools.
Prove us all wrong…

For now, I’m not going to hold my breath.

Midlothian Jumps to Class 5A


Student Population for UIL Classifications (’10/’12)

Class 5A: 2,065 (students) and up (245 schools)
Class 4A: 990-2,064 (246 schools)
Class 3A: 430-989 (190 schools)
Class 2A: 200-429 (229 schools)
Class A: 199-below (167 11-man football schools; 130 six-man football schools)
Source: Dallas Morning News

Midlothian jumps to Class 5A

The Ellis County Press
MIDLOTHIAN – As expected, the Midlothian Panthers will compete in the University Interscholastic League’s largest classification, Class 5A, beginning in the fall.
The latest realignment, based on high school student population, lists Ellis County and Southern Dallas County schools and was announced Feb. 1.
The realignments only apply to football and basketball. The UIL governs the athletic and academic contests in the public school system across Texas.

District 5-5A
Cedar Hill, Duncanville, Grand Prairie, Mansfield, Mansfield Legacy, Mansfield Timberview, Midlothian, South Grand Prairie

District 11-5A
DeSoto, Longview, Mesquite, Mesquite Horn, North Mesquite, Tyler Lee

District 15-4A
Corsicana, Ennis, Forney, Lancaster, Mesquite Poteet, Red Oak, Terrell, Waxahachie, West Mesquite

District 13-3A
Crandall, Ferris, Kaufman, Kemp, Mabank, North Forney

District 8-3A
Alvarado, Glen Rose, Hillsboro, Kennedale, Venus, West

District 11-2A
Italy, Blooming Grove, Axtell, Buffalo, Centerville, Jewett Leon

District 6-2A
Palmer, Maypearl, Dallas Life Oak Cliff, Grandview, Eustace, Sunnyvale